Stock Account-Description of Field indicators

Stock Account-Description of Field indicators

Net Asset Value

Net asset value = cash balance in the currency of the current account + market value of the portfolio

Market Value

The total market value of stocks, funds, and derivatives in the current market.

Maximum Purchasing Power

Maximum purchasing power is the maximum available purchasing amount on the account, which is calculated by evaluating your holdings in each market, including the market value of securities and cash, combined with the initial margin ratio of the shares you want to buy.

Intraday P/L

Intraday P/L = current price * qty - previous closing price + current selling volume -current buying volume

It represents the spread between the market value of stocks today and that of yesterday

Note: If the U.S. market opens pre & post-market, the intraday P/L will be calculated according to the pre & post-market price

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P/L (long position) = (current price - cost) * qty

P/L (short position) = (cost - current price) * qty

The above cost includes the diluted cost and the average price, of which the corresponding meanings are:

Diluted cost: it represents your secure price during the holding period from opening to closing. That is, each time you increase or reduce your position, it may increase or reduce the cost price.

Note: The diluted cost may be negative. If you liquidate and open a position within the same day, the system will continue to use the diluted cost before the liquidation.

Average price: it represents the cost of the corresponding position and only considers the situation of increasing the position regardless of reducing the position. The reduced positions have been turned into the realization of P/L.

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Available Cash

It represents the available amount in the currency of the current account, including settled and unsettled

Available Cash for Withdrawal

It represents the amount available for withdrawal in the currency of the current account

Cash Locked

It represents the amount that needs to be locked on the current account for buying or selling stocks (untraded), IPO subscriptions, etc.

Outstanding Balance

It represents the amount that has been traded but not settled. The settlement time of HK and US stocks is T+2, and T is the trading day.

Debit Balance

The debit balance represents the financing amount that you have used. The financing amount will incur interest and its rate can be viewed in My Rates. Please make the repayment on the Cash Page – Cash Balance if you need to repay. The financing interest is calculated daily and collected monthly.

Note: If you have a debit balance on the day of liquidating stocks for repayment, the repayment can only be made after the stock settlement is completed. Interests will still be collected for stocks in the settlement.

Health Status

This indicator measures your account’s risk. The health status includes 4 levels: safe, medium, warning, and dangerous.

Safe: you are not using financing.

Medium: you are using financing, but your equity assets are greater than the initial margin.

Warning: you are using financing, and your equity assets are greater than or equal to the initial margin; your equity assets are greater than the maintenance margin. At this moment, the purchasing power has been exhausted, and new positions cannot be opened. Please pay attention to market changes to avoid “margin call” in your account.

Dangerous: your equity assets are less than or equal to the maintenance margin. Under this circumstance, you must deposit sufficient margin according to the value of “margin call” before 15:00 on the current working day, or actively close some positions to increase the risk control value. Otherwise, your account will be liquidated. After the deadline of the margin call, the brokerage has the right to decide the stock/price/quantity and time of forced selling. Please pay attention to indicators such as health status and leverage.