IPO Subscription Fees

IPO Subscription Fees

Standard SubscriptionBank Financing Subscription
Subscription FeesHKD 49/orderHKD 99/order during promotion ((Regular charge: HKD 99/order for subscription value<HKD 200,000; HKD 120/order for subscription value≥HKD 200,000)
Subscription LimitHKD cash + Cash financing in other currencies + Margin FinancingMargin Financing + Up to 33x leveraged bank financing
Financing RateMargin financing rate

Margin Financing: Margin financing rate

Bank financing: annualized interest rate 3.99% (bank daily financing interest = financing amount * financing rate / 365)

Allotment FeesBy allotment: 1.00785%*alloted amount (charged by HK SFC, HKEX, brokerage firms, and HK FRC)
Query path for debit financing rate: “Me” – “My Rate” – “HK” – “Margin Rate”


1. The subscription amount will be locked immediately after the application is initiated and will be deducted on the deadline (subject to order status change). Subscription orders can only be canceled before the deadline. The deadline for standard subscriptions is 9:00 and for bank financing subscriptions is one day earlier, usually at 11:00, subject to the specific time on the financing subscription page. The deadline for bank financing subscriptions is 1 business day earlier than the date announced by the HKEX due to the processing of subscriptions.

2. Debit financing will be incurred and interest will be charged if the value of standard subscription exceeds the HKD cash value. Please check your account accordingly.

3. IPO listing may be postponed or canceled. For prepaid subscription orders, the financing interest and subscription fees charged will not be refunded.

4. After the allotment announcement, the detailed information will be updated in the subscription record or sent by push notification. Please check your account if you use financing to subscribe. The allocated shares will be forced sold if your account margin is insufficient on the first day of listing.

5. If you have any other questions regarding IPO subscription, please refer to the “IPO Subscription Statement” and “IPO Subscription FAQs” or contact customer service.