Cheque check transfer deposit guidelines

What is the cheque transfer?

It is to fill in the cheque information and transfer funds through the cheque deposit machine or the counter.


1.Only supports Hong Kong bank cheques, not Hong Kong bank cashier's checks.

2. Our company cannot accept incoming funds from third party, and can only accept funds originating from a bank account held in the same name registered with us. Otherwise, the cost of refund will be borne by the customer.

3. Bank may take a certain amount of time to process the remittance, and the "remitted" notification from bank does not mean that Our company has received the money. And funds are subject to settlement and approval upon receipt. Please be informed that Banks and Our company do not handle remittance during Hong Kong Public Holidays, so extra time is needed.

4. It is not recommended to transfer cheques to the ICBC (Asia) bank account of Our company Because it takes time to verify the customer information with the bank, the processing speed of the deposit to the account is slow.

5. Our company does not accept direct cash deposits at this moment.

1、Introduction to the Cheque Transfer Process

(1)Fill in the cheque

Fill in the front of the cheque: Space Securities Ltd

After filling in the cheque, please be sure to take a photo of the front and back of the cheque

Fill in the reverse of the cheque: Your securities A/C number on the back

(2)Cheque transfer

Transfer the cheque to the beneficiary bank account, please be sure to keep a screenshot of the transfer voucher.

HKD receiving account number: 012-884-0-013383-1

Beneficiary Bank: Bank of China (Hong Kong) 中國銀行(香港)

Beneficiary Name: Space Securities Limited 恆宇證券有限公司

Bank Number: 012

Delivery method: (1) Submit the cheque to the bank counter; (2) Submit the cheque to the cheque deposit machine.

(3)Screenshot of cheque transfer voucher and upload

(4)Upload the remittance certificate

After completing the transfer, please immediately upload the "the front side of the cheque" ,"the reverse side of the cheque"and "Transfer Voucher" in the App immediately, otherwise it will affect the progress of the deposit.


Open the App and enter the [Assets-Deposit Funds] module.

After selecting the deposit currency and bank information, select cheque transfer and upload the remittance transfer voucher

2、Deposit time and cost

(1)Estimated time for the deposit

Because the bank needs to process the cheque into the account, it usually takes 2 working days for the cheque to arrive in the account. The specific time is subject to the bank.

(2)Deposit transfer fee

Please refer to the actual fees charged by banks.


The above guidelines are shared by users and are for reference only. If there is any discrepancy in the screenshot, the actual interface of the bank shall prevail. Please confirm with the bank to fill in the information. Our company will not be responsible for any losses caused by this guideline.

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